month: April 2009

Ellia 4-1/2 months: Snapshot

We’re going to start a new category called “snapshots” as a way of keeping everyone up to date with personal pictures and events going on in our lives.  Why?  Well…because we get emails requesting it!  So, to kick off a new category, here’s one of Ellia playing in her new jumper!

Ryan ‘Class of 09′ Four Winds: Senior

Just when we thought our 2009 graduates were complete….along came Ryan.  We’ve enjoyed getting back outside again even though we were faced with a bit of rain.  Moisture in the form of rain instead of snow was welcome during our outdoor portion.  We started outside and then ended our session indoor for some relaxed studio shots.  Here’s a few that caught our eye….

Kellie and Mitch: Engagement

Engagement sessions have truly become a highly anticipated event.  It gives us a chance to really get to know a couple before the big day.  It allows them to see how we shoot, and it gives us an opportunity to see how comfortable each couple can get in front of the camera.  Because of such a session, we know exactly how to approach them on their big day – and, most imporantly, we have a relationship with them built around a ton of trust.

Kellie and Mitch came to their engagement session with a mission to have a blast.  And, when we discussed shooting locations earlier, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that they wanted a few shots at the YMCA.  So, of course….we went!  First, we had to start inside for some studio shots.  What a great time!  Since they are getting married in the summer (June of 2010), they decided it would be a nice idea to have snow in their engagement pictures to create a unique balance.  So, we headed out to a park to capture the glowing sun mixed with the white snow.  What a combination!  Afterward, we headed out to the YMCA for a few additional shots to end the session. 

Kellie and Mitch – we cannot wait for your wedding!  You’re making us wait a LONG time, but it will be worth it.  Here’s a few of our favorites….

We must end this post with our favorite shot of the evening……

Water Slide-A-Thon!

Last Wednesday, our children’s pastor organized an event to help missionaries.  It was a missions event for kids of all ages.  All money raised went to help support missionaries in the U.S. and around the world through BGMC.  Each participant had 2 hours to go down as many slides as possible with a maximum of 25 slides.  Each boy or girl must have had at least 5 pledges in order to participate in the event.  The event was held at Splashdown at the Sleep Inn in Minot.   Here’s a couple of shots from the fun evening…


Sophia: Family Children Baby

When this little cutie arrived for her pictures, we knew we were in for a treat!  Her parents happen to be friends of ours who live in Huntsville, Alabama.  They were home for Easter and we were excited to finally meet little Sophia in person – and the best part of all….a photo shoot to go with it!  We decided after a successful session that pizza was appropriate.  Wendy and Dave…we enjoyed our evening with the two of you.  You have an amazing little girl and we look forward when we can see you all again.  Thanks for the great evening of fellowship and fun.  Here’s a few from the shoot….

Miller Family: Family Children Baby

Once again, there’s no question about why we enjoy photography so much!  The pictures below seriously tell the story about the love, joy and happiness this family possess.  We had so much fun – especially with the youngest who took a bit of time to warm up, but once she did, she became the star!  Without a doubt, this family inspired us.  Here’s a few from the shoot…

Latendresse Family: Family Children Baby

What do you get when you take pictures with this many folks?  Unpredictable fun!  Yes, the Latendress family stopped by with high spirits right from the start.  Who was the star?  Hmmm..perhaps a little boy around 2-years of age!  Seriously, this family brought many smiles our way and we still chat about this session with our family and friends – at how each of them desired to participate.  We shot indoors and then took advantage of the sunny afternoon and grabbed a few outdoor shots at a park.  I’m not sure what brought more laughs….the family watching the photographer sink into about 2-feet of snow, or when they giggled among each other as the snow sucked them up one-by-one!  Yes, we found an area that supported everyone!  Hey….what a family.  How many families would sink into the cold snow and still manage a smile?!!  Pretty inspiring….Here’s a few to share for now……

Easter Dresses

There’s something about Easter, little girls and dresses that can easily crack a smile!  Below is a quick shot taken after church before these beautiful dresses become not so beautiful from dinner!

Happy Easter!

Today is a special day to share with family, friends and possibly complete strangers.  Let us celebrate – for our Savior is RISEN!

Ellia has started her official piano lessons at 4 months of age.  Well….maybe just starting with the sounds it makes while mommy plays….


Raiden: Family Children Baby

Where does time go?  It’s hard to believe our Raiden is already six-months-old!  This little boy smiles and smiles and smiles…..he’s addicted to it!  Before his session, mom took him for his first haircut – the report was that he did very well.  Thank you Raiden for the great session, for all the incredible smiles and for creating a smile on my face once again as this is being typed.  And, to mom and dad…you guys are doing a GREAT job.  Here’s a few that caught our eye….