month: May 2009

Curtis and Nicole: Engagement

Another beautiful night for an engagement session…this time, Nicole and Curtis!  This young couple stopped by with their little daughter (what a cutie!) and we got started indoors with some studio shots.  Amy had an opportunity to play with the baby while mom and dad posed for some shots – fun shots at that!  We headed outside and finished up.  Since it was so nice, little Kiera popped in for a couple as well.  Enough talk…here’s a few from the session that caught our eye….

Oh, by the way…congrats on your engagement and may your September celebration in Bismarck be an absolute joy!

Here’s our experimental processing technique for today….Again, these are just experiments, but we kinda like this one!  Any of these tones that you see can certainly appear on any of your pictures per your request.  What a great looking couple!

Chris and Becky: Engagement

We love it when a couple arrives for an engagement session in style!  Man, these two looked so sharp and were very fun to photograph.  The big day is right around the corner this summer and we look forward to it.  It’s going to be a great celebration!  Great job you, two!  Here’s a few shots from our shoot….

We’ve started playing around with some new processing styles and will try and post one image with a new technique with each post.  This is one great looking bride-to-be……

Tyler and Mandy: Wedding

It can certainly be said that the Hansen wedding was full of bright sun, laughter, joy, fun, energy and much more!  Mandy and Tyler tied the knot recently on May 16th and what a great celebration!  Thank you for allowing us this time and for an amazing day.  Wedding celebrations are pure fun and we’re so thankful and blessed to be a part of these special times. 

Church: First Lutheran, Flowers: Lowe’s, Reception: Holiday Inn

Congratulations to you both!  Here’s a few from your day….(we got a bit carried away here!)

A Nice Getaway!

We’re back from our trip.  It was a nice little getaway full of great fun, fellowship and quality family time. 

The rest of this week: blogging!

Perhaps a walk in the sun.

Maybe an iced tea.

Life is good.


Grandma Cink: Snapshots

Part of our Memorial Day weekend included a stop at the Oakes Good Samaritan Center to see my grandma.  Ellia met her for the first time and gave her PLENTY of smiles…..grandma said, “it was the perfect end to a good day!”  Seriously, Ellia surprised us tremendously at the amount of smiles she handed great grandma!  She was Miss Congeniality this afternoon.  It was so nice to catch up with her and get a little tour and even a little outdoor sunshine. 

Our next stop is Valley City to meet Amy’s cousin’s new baby – only two weeks old!  We’re doing a mini-session of this cute little boy tomorrow so check back for some updates soon.  Here’s a few snaps with our trusty Canon SD880IS point-and-shoot which provides pretty impressive shots for something small and compact.

Happy Early Memorial Day!

We’re going to be on the road for a few days so we thought we would wish everyone a great Memorial Day just a little in advance.  We will have limited email for the next few days so we’ll catch up as soon as we get back.  Enjoy your day and try to relax. 

Coming next week…..a wonderful wedding to share and a bunch of engagement sessions.  Hang tight! 

For now, we leave you with an image from our BBQ last night.  We decided to take a walk since the weather was perfect.  We’ll share more photos from our evening later this week….

Life: A New Chapter

Life as we know it brings joy, peace, trials, good times, events, marriage, careers, friendships and many other exciting moments.  I believe our lives are a series of chapters or perhaps acts in a play.  Once in a while, new chapters begin – some small….some big. 

Many of our blog readers may know that Amy and I started our photography business while employed in our “day jobs.”  My day job for the last 12 years has been SRT Communications, Inc.  My wife was employed by Trinity Health and remains on casual status.  So, what’s this all about?  Well, a new chapter in life.  This Friday will be my last day at SRT.  Again, perhaps you’re wondering why?!  It’s simple…photography has been a passion of mine and has become a passion of my wife the past 2 years that we have been in business.  And, thanks to our wonderful past, current and future clients, we’ve become too busy to maintain two separate career worlds.  So, after months of thought and tons of prayer….we’re taking the plunge!  I’m actually embarking on a life-long dream of taking photographs for a living.  It’s beyond exciting!  It’s beyond words actually – although I’m very good at rambling without making much sense as I’m doing right now. 

SRT has been amazing for me.  I’ve learned a great deal while working for this wonderful company.  I wouldn’t have the knowledge I do today without the experience and adventures I’ve taken in while employed by the best phone company around.  I’ve been taught customer service skills, learned about deadlines, developed people and presentation skills and so much more.  Without the experience from SRT Communications, Inc., I wouldn’t have been able to properly move into this new direction.  So, for that…thank you!  And, a HUGE thank you to the many friendships I’ve made through the years – friendships that will never go away. 

So, starting this Monday, May 25th, Gemar Photography will be a full time business meeting your needs – and quicker!  Yes, quicker turn around times, more session availability and a busier blog!

With all that writing, we must end with a few pictures.  I’ve heard once or twice that blog posts are much, much better with a photograph (or two, or three, etc.!).  Here’s a few snaps of SRT Communications, Inc., followed by a few detail shots representing a small portion of what life has been like for many years.  Many memories, lots of fun and a part of life I will never forget.

God Bless you all….

Megan the Ballerina

Our neice started ballet lessons a few months back and performed in her first recital tonight.  A few days ago we decided to venture out and snap a few shots in one of her costumes.  We wanted to shoot these in the studio, but our newly painted floor wasn’t dry enough so we headed outside – in the rain!  Well, it wasn’t raining until we started walking to our outdoor spot of choice.  We cruised and got it done and with the help of a little side flash and warm white balance, you would’ve thought the sun was setting in the west!  Megan was a good sport considering she was freezing in these shots and truly hid that fact.  Here’s a few quick shots from our fun little shoot…..

Drew: Family Children Babies

Drew…Drew!  What a neat little guy.  We could’ve posted over 20 pictures in this post and they would’ve all been our favorite.  He brought so many smiles and unique expressions to the studio.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. 

Rachel: Family Children Babies

Rachel recently competed in this year’s ND Our Little MIss Pageant in Minot.  She was crowned the winner in her age division and will be competing in Orlando this summer.  Congratulations Rachel!  Here’s a few pictures that caught our eye that will be part of her new portfolio…..