month: June 2009

The Mowbray Family

When you put a 1-year-old and 5-year-old together you can only expect some good times, laughter and fun!  Yes, the Mowbray’s did just that and then some.  When little sister was seeing big brother have so much fun, she joined in for some big smiles and entertainment!  We found a nice area outside protected from the wind and continued with our adventure.  You all did so fantastic!  Here’s a few from the shoot…

Stephen and Kayla: Looking Back (video)

Another look from this awesome wedding earlier this month….

The Kilbourn Family

The Kilbourn family – or should we say…The AJ show came on board with some dance moves, jumping skills and all sorts of other stuff that demonstrated his ability to have a blast in front of the camera.  We laughed pretty hard as we made our final selections from this shoot – thanks to this cute little boy!  Our session ended with an outdoor adventure to the park.  Here’s a few from the fun evening…

Kirsten: Class of 2010

The personality and spirit of this fine young gal certainly shined as we recently shot her senior session.  Kirsten was a great time – and so was her mom who kept her laughing, giggling, smiling and reminding her to be herself.  And…she did just that – she demonstrated the real Kirsten!  You have a great deal going for you.  Keep that faith alive and strong and watch the future unfold before you.  Here’s a few shots from our session….

Stephen and Kayla: Wedding

Ok….we’re a bit behind our goal of less than one week to post new weddings, but hopefully it’s worth the wait!  And, this ended up getting out of control in length, but we just couldn’t help it.  This awesome couple were married at St. Leos Catholic Church a couple of weeks ago on June 5th.  A few details from the wedding: 1) Videographer/Slide Show – Sarah Bakke 2) Cake – Marketplace Foods 3) Flowers – Artisitc Ambiance 4) DJ – Magic City Music Factory 5) Reception/Dance – Sleep Inn. 

Stephen and Kayla’s wedding day was beautiful – sunny and cool.  We started the day capturing Kayla getting ready.  The groom was pretty impressive when he had a rose delivered to her while she was getting her hair done.  From Artistry, we headed to get shots of her make-up.  Hmmmm…so relaxed!  From there….well, no more typing.  The pictures will certainly show the events as they took place.  Congratulations to you both.  Your day was beyond fun (and so was the rehearsal and dinner the day before!).  Here’s their story…..

Sam: 2010 Minot High Senior

Sam recently rolled in for his senior session and the threat of thunderstorms moved away.  It’s always nice when we can get the outdoor portion completed the same time at the studio shots.  What a great evening – awesome lighting - awesome subject.  Sam was calm and collected and wasn’t afraid of being himself.  What a great shoot.  Here’s a few that caught our eye…..

Everything is amazing, nobody is happy

You may have already seen this, but we couldn’t resist posting it if you need a laugh.  Enjoy!

Tyler and Mandy: Looking Back (video)

Again, going back a few weeks to another wedding reminded us of the joy, fun and love we experienced on that particular day. Tyler and Mandy….here’s a video with additional images from your wedding day…

Six Grandkids Under Age 2!

What do you get when you put six grandkids under the age of two together for a shot and include the parents and grandma and grandpa?  A load of fun, a lot of laughs, a bunch of tears and shots that will be remembered forever!  Ahhh yes….Eve asked us to grab a shot before their oldest grandaughter turned two – today!  So, happy birthday Evaley!  The steak dinner was amazing afterward…..

Briggs: Family Children Babies

 Jason and Annie welcomed number two a couple of weeks ago!  We couldn’t be happier for you both!  This little addition did so well during the session – what a blessing.  And, Jayva even came on board for a few family shots as well.  Congratulations!  You’re a beautiful family of four.  We look forward to the many memories ahead.  Here’s a few shots that we wanted to share….