month: July 2009

The Johnson Family

The Johnson family made us smile!  When we gather for large family sessions, as always, we never know what to expect.  This crew brought tons of energy – especially the one and only boy!  With all sessions, we eventually get some down times such as the first picture below.  Grandma and grandpa had fun, too!  Here’s some images from our recent session…..

Becky: 2010 Minot High Senior

Becky’s senior session was a nice time.  The weather was perfect and she was ready to shoot the session in true form.   Becky….it was great working with you!  Enjoy your senior year…

Zach and Jessica: Wedding

This past Saturday, Zach and Jessica were married at St. Leo’s Catholic Church.  As always, we had a great time - what a wonderful couple.  They were calm – very calm and ready to enjoy every moment of their special day.  The weather was perfect and the skies were clear – it was time for a celebration! 

A few details includes flowers by The Flower Box, Reception at the Moose Lodge, cake by Marketplace and DJ by Porta Party. 

We start with their beautiful rings:

Nice shoes! 

Jessica relaxed getting her hair done sipping some water:

Mom helping out:

First look:

Waiting for the ceremony to begin:

Awesome couple:

A very beautiful bride:

First dances:

Some reception detail:

And, yes….the auction!  Congratulations!

Mike Piazza: A Trip to Minot

St. John’s the Apostle Catholic Church won a contest sponsored by the Catholic Exchange by selling the most DVD’s of the film, “Champions of Faith.”  The parish won the opportunity to host one of the players featured in the film and chose the 12-time MLB all-star, Mike Piazza.  The event was held at the Holiday Inn, in Minot, this past Sunday.

Here’s a few shots of Piazza answering questions from the crowd:

The St. John’s Little Apostles gave a presentation:

Signing autographs:

Jason and Rachelle: Wedding

Jason and Rachelle were married July 11th in Tioga.  The day was absolutely beautiful – finally!  We enjoyed every minute of the day and night…… and as usual, this wedding went by way too fast.  From the stunning dress (below) to the joy and love from the family, this day was one to remember.  Jason and Rachelle….congratulations!  You both were amazing. 

The beautiful dress:

Tons of detail:

Getting ready:

Getting ready to sneak up on the groom for a first look:

Jason waiting for Rachelle to come up for a first look:

Great reaction!

Stunning bride:

Getting ready to walk down the aisle:

Howdy ring bearer:

Nothing like a ride in a fire truck after the ceremony:

This wedding party was awesome:

 Some reception detail:

First dance:

Gotta love the chicken dance!

We’re getting down now!

The garter auction was HUGE!  Tons of money raised!

Congratulations to you both……

Chris and Becky: Wedding

Chris and Becky were recently married on June 27th and what a great celebration!  This couple has been a joy to work with and we really had a fun time.  From the rehearsal to the wedding day, everything was filled with great love.  Chris and Becky…congratulations.  Thank you for trusting us with your special day. 

We start with her beautiful dress:

The rings were beautiful.  She wanted a shot inside a Bible.  Here’s a few angles:

Awesome program:

Getting ready:

The detail in her dress was amazing:

Nice shot Chris!

First look:

What a beautiful bride:

A great moment:

The reception was decorated beautifully:

Reception details:

Watching a great video:

First dance:

Congratulations.  Blessings to you both….

Gabe and Brianna: Engagement

Photographing Gabe and Brianna couldn’t have been more fun!  This couple knows how to laugh, have fun, goof off and also take time for some real moments.  We look forward to their 2010 wedding and after this shoot, we know their special day will be bright and loving.  Here’s a few from our session…

This next series cracked us up!  Gabe is an Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii fan:

Yep…this couple can go from wild and crazy to a moment of reflection – love this shot:

They wanted to stop at this special hole at Valley View:

Lastly, a stop at the requested trestle:

Chantz and Alyssa: Engagement

This engagement session came as a surprise.  Well….ok, we kinda had a hunch that maybe it would happen, but you just never know!  We were out on our yearly family vacation in Glacier National Park this year and Alyssa’s boyfriend, Chantz, decided to join us.  A couple of days into our vacation, we found out that Chantz popped the question on a hike to Avalanche Lake (near Lake McDonald Lodge).  The lake can only be accessed through hiking and what a view at the top.  He walked across a large tipped tree where Alyssa was standing, got on his knees and asked the question!  The moment was captured on video.

So…with our hunches that there might just be a newly engaged couple, we brought our camera.  It paid off when they both decided an engagement shoot was something they both wanted in the mountains.  Nice timing Chantz! 

We shot this session on our last evening and the sun managed to shine for us for about ten minutes.  We processed every shot in color to show off the beauty of Glacier.  Congratulations Chantz and Alyssa.  We love you both and look forward to your January, 2010, wedding.

We start with Chantz looking at the ring:

Just look at those mountains:  (oh ya, and the couple, too!)

These two know how to laugh and have fun:

What a beautiful bride-to-be:

This shot isn’t too bad considering they had about ten family members watching by this point:

One of Chantz’s relatives (left) from Kalispell decided to join in along with Alyssa’s brother (right):

Simply breathtaking:

A little experiment with some lighting.  What an amazing couple:

Chans and Carrie: Engagement

Chans and Carrie will be married this fall at the beautiful Dakotah Rose Bed and Breakfast and will include an outdoor wedding ceremony.  We look forward to the special day!  When we do engagement sessions, we always ask the couple where they would like their outdoor portion to be photographed.  Some have ideas…some just let us take them to a special place.  Lately, we’ve had a lot of requests to head out to the trestle.  And…what a beautiful place to go when the sun is low and the subjects shine!  Here’s a few from our session….

Carrie made the socks you’ll see in the next couple of photographs.  Pretty nice, Carrie!

My favorite from the evening….

Out of Town

We just got back from Glacier last night after spending a couple of days with the family on our yearly vacation in the mountains.  We’re heading to Tioga for a wedding tomorrow, but look forward to blogging a few recent engagement sessions (a very special one in the beauty of the Rockies) and a couple weddings very soon. 

Have a great weekend!