month: September 2009

Patrick and Carrie: Wedding

We were pleasantly surprised by the wedding location for Patrick and Carrie’s wedding.  They were married on September 11th in Arnegard, ND.  We shot many of the pictures at the Old School Bed and Breakfast which used to be the Arnegard High School until the early 1960′s.  Milt Hanson (owner) has invested a great deal of creativity and effort to transform this old school into a very unique and comfortable B & B.  And…the shots we were able to get made for a very special wedding day.  Although it rained, we were able to capture Patrick and Carrie’s personalities through the day and had a great deal of fun doing so!

We start with the dress.  Many of the shots were taken at the bed and breakfast.

Carrie did her make-up. 

Getting ready for the first look:

Great moment…

The beautiful bride….

We do not shoot with flash during the ceremony, but can always appreciate when someone else gives us an unexpected burst of light!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Patrick May:

Some reception details.  The old school gym was transformed into an amazing reception hall.  We were in awe….

First dance:

As the sun was setting, we ran out and grabbed a few more shots.  It was drizzling, but it didn’t matter to them!

A little dance…

We were surprised to hear about a fireworks display in the middle of the dance.  Glad we were around to capture a few of them…

Congratulations Patrick and Carrie!  We enjoyed our time and we thank you for trusting us with your special day.

Craig and Caisee: Wedding

Craig and Caisee celebrated their new life together this past September 5th.  It was a great day from start to finish!  We truly enjoyed our time.  Thank you for blessing us with the ability to capture your special day – one that will always be remembered. 

We start with her beautiful dress – lots of detail.

Some nice bling for the day…

Some getting ready shots….

Caisee had her make-up done at her parents home.  The sign said it all!

We just couldn’t pick a few shots from this fun moment so we compiled a bunch….

Craig and Caisee chose not to see each other before the ceremony.  Hence…his first look as she was walking down the aisle.  We would say he was happy with what he saw!!

A nice moment during the ceremony…

The wedding party.  Man, this crew was a blast!  Despite the 90 degree day, they all kept smiling…

We love it!

Awe, yes…this one, too!  Caisee and the gals began walking ahead of us in the park and she decided to, well, um…and the rest copied!

Craig and Caisee are both police officers.  So, how proper for a wedding shot next to their work vehicle.  Now, will they let us off the hook when we get pulled over?  Come on…

Some handcuff action….

Work it Caisee….

A little time away with the boys celebrating the day with some cigars…

Reception details:

First dance:

We would love to show you more from their fabulous dance, but we better close….Craig and Caisee…congrats!   You both were amazing.

Andy and Nicole: Wedding

Andy and Nicole were married this past August 29th and what a day!  From the start, we knew we were in for a treat with this couple.  They were easy-going, fun and relaxed.  We can clearly remember their engagement shoot last winter, and from that point we knew what a fun wedding it would be.  The wedding started out with sun and ended with clear skies.  Congratulations Andy and Nicole.  We enjoyed your day beyond words.

We start with Nicole getting ready….

We had a couple of ring shots we really liked and couldn’t decide which one to post so we just posted these two…

Waiting for the bride…

Classic first look reaction!  Actually…more than classic!

Love this one…

A few reception details….

We don’t normally post this many dance shots, but it was one of a kind!  Amy and I agreed that we hadn’t seen so many people on the dance floor as this one.  They were on a dance!  And…nothing was stopping them.  They even pulled Dave from dbauer productions onto the dance floor as well.  Um, yes…they pulled me into it as well but, fortunately, I had the camera!  I knew a really nice couple of ladies who tried to hide from me on the dance floor that night.  Gotcha ladies!  Twice!

The look on the little girl’s face is one who was bound and determined to get it!!!

Weddings and More!

What an awesome summer it has been and the start of fall. We have a bunch of weddings to blog this week. It’s been a crazy busy summer, but so beautiful in too many ways to describe. More senior blog posts coming, too!

For now, we leave you with a couple of videos as we “look back” to these celebrations from July…

Alexis: 2010 Minot High Senior

Time to meet Alexis!  The pictures will tell the story of this awesome young gal.  You were natural, yourself and a lot of fun.  We couldn’t have asked for a better evening as well.  Have a great year and keep smiling!  Here’s a few for now…

Grant: 2010 Berthold Senior

Grant…you made it through your senior session and did so with class!  You looked great and we enjoyed the time spent with you.  Have a great senior year.  The best to you and your family always.  Here’s a few shots…

Katelyn: 2010 Sawyer Senior

Katelyn rox!!  Ok…we stole it from the sign she made in one of the photos below!  What a beautiful evening of shooting – not to mention a beautiful subject.  You were awesome!  Thanks for making your senior shoot one that demonstrated a true example of you.  Here’s a few that caught our eye….

Shanda: 2010 Fargo South Senior

Well, well, well….It’s time for Shanda.  One beautiful girl, one beautiful senior and one beautiful personality!  Yes…our niece is already a senior.  Where does time fly?  Mom…we know you’ve been in denial, but here’s a few shots to prove it – your little girl is now a young adult just starting her senior year.  It’s ok…you’re both very close and she’ll always love her mom (and of course her dad and younger brother!).  So…it’s time to showcase your little darling – one of which you should be very proud.  Shanda, you were awesome.  We enjoyed our time with you in Minot and also in Fargo.  Here’s a glimpse before everyone’s eyes.  We are happy for you.  See you soon!

And…a final shot with her cousin.

Joseph: 2010 Berthold Senior

The sky was beautiful that night of this senior shoot.  Joseph, you did an excellent job.  The snow will be here before you know it so get that snowboard ready to go!  Here’s a few from your shoot…

Kayla: 2010 Surrey Senior

Kayla…you were great!  Despite the few sprinkles and a five minute time-out hiding under a large tree to stay dry, we made it through the session!  The best to you this year.  Here’s a few shots that caught our eye…