month: December 2009

Briggs: 6 Months!

Children put smiles on our faces naturally just as this little guy did while shooting his six-month pictures.  Ok…lots of smiles considering he’s our nephew!  And…an adorable one at that!  Briggs….you’re one cute little guy.  How did you manage to get that tie so straight?!  Happy New Year buddy!  Mom, dad and sister joined in for a few as well….

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanks for making 2009 an amazing year!  We look forward to 2010……

The Anderson Family

Does this family know how to make you smile or what?!!  It’s interesting when we anticipate the smiles within our subjects during our shoots, but find ourselves doing as much as they did through the editing process!  The pictures will certainly speak for themselves.  Anderson’s….you were amazing!

Travis and Ashley: Engagement

Travis and Ashley proved one thing – a couple who are really ready for a life together.  A couple full of great love.  We had a beautiful December morning with no wind – in ND!  We look forward to the celebration in May.  Here’s a few from the shoot…

Justin and Mandy: Engagement

Justin and Mandy….your wedding day is going to be truly amazing.  You’re an awesome couple and bring a ton of love.  What could be more fun than an engagement shoot?  Letting their daughter join in for the fun, too!  We started inside and then went outside into the very cold weather.  Let’s see…was it about 20 degrees below zero with windchill that day?  Pretty sure.  We found shelter and made the outdoor portion worth  the time.  Here’s a peak from the shoot….

The Ones Family

We’ve said this before…and now again, we’ve been so blessed with baby shoots!  This little guy came into the world about six weeks ago.  He was ready for his first photoshoot and came dressed in style!  And, big sister enjoyed a few moments in front of the camera , too!  Mom and dad, you’re amazing parents.  What’s your secret?!  Here’s a few from the shoot….

The White Family

One family, lots of love and lots of fun!  Oh ya, and a new puppy that put everyone in a good mood.  The White family brought a great deal of personality our way and showed some love in a good way!  We wanted to swipe the dog and keep it here!  Merry Christmas you all.  Here’s a few of our favorites…

The Peterson Family

We were in such awe.

We were nearly speechless as we went through the photos.

A mom…

A dad…

A precious little girl…

A miracle.

Praise God.

The Maltz Family

Twin girls….the best!  We’re talking identical, too!  Seriously, it was hard keeping these two little sweethearts straight through the session – as in, which one is which!?  Mom mentioned that they weight almost the same (about 4 oz. difference).   Fun, fun, fun!  They each had unique personalities and brought so many surprises to the session.  Our job is so awesome!  We love our clients.  Here’s a glimpse of double fun…..

The Anderson Family

This little guy was pretty funny!  For the first 10 minutes, we pretty much saw blank stares – like…”what’s going on here?!”  But, after new friendship got past the new stage (in about 11 minutes!) he let loose.  And, did he ever.  What a fun boy and a great set of parents.  Here’s a few from the shoot…..