month: February 2010

Payton: Parshall Highschool Senior

Payton came with a mission…to relax, enjoy his shoot and share what he’s all about.  We enjoyed our time as always.  The best to you in the future.  Here’s a few from the session….

Shauna and Mike: Looking Back (video)

Our New Year’s Eve wedding was a great deal of fun! Congratulations Shauna and Mike….

Looking Back: Alyssa and Chantz (video)

We always love to go back in time with our weddings. This round…New Year’s Day. Congratulations Alyssa and Chantz!

Disney World: “My Little Buddy!”

We took a trip to Disney World this past November with Scott, Sara and their girls.  We’re now finally getting around to blogging it and hopefully this post will showcase just how much fun we had each day!  Everywhere we went, I had a sweet little hand extend to hold mine.  Yes, the younger of the three kids quite quickly became described as “Jason’s little buddy, and I loved every minute of it!

The beautiful castle….

This was actually on our way in the first time.  We came back that evening after a little break.

I don’t remember much of this ride.  Alyssa twirled us so fast – all I could do is hold on to the camera as tight as possible and concentrate on keeping my lunch in my stomach.

A little ride called..”It’s A Small World.”  Amazing….

That same evening, we were greeted by some fireworks at the entrance…

As we were taking some family pictures, it was amazing how quickly the castle changed colors…

Artwork inside the castle…

Great timing!  We saw Mickey walk right past us…..

A view from the hotel complex.  Yes, that’s Amy heading to do some hair.  You’ll see in just a few pictures.

Amy promised that she would be the hairstylist before heading to Epcot.  The kids were pumped!

The result:


More shots from our hotel complex:

One last spread of the fireworks at Epcot. 

When can we go again?

I’m ready now….

Ryan and Ashley: Engagement

This young couple rocked the studio (and outdoors!) during their engagement shoot.  As always, we had loads of fun.  Their wedding day this coming September will be amazing – one that will be remembered for sure!  Here’s a few of our favorites….

The Doering Family

Let’s just let the pictures speak for themselves….Welcome baby Jack!

Ambush Kennels: Puppy Love!

Golden retriever and labrador retriever puppies in one setting?  How could we leave without one?!  Well, we did (bummer).  Ambush Kennels asked us to grab some photographs of their recent litters which will be displayed at their upcoming shows.  We went on-location with our traveling studio and enjoyed every minute capturing these pups.  We will be photographing yet another batch of golden retievers in our studio next week and will share those images right away!  We had a sneak peak of those pups (four little blondes) who are certain to light up the studio!  Here’s a few from the shoot….

Let’s see…seven puppies in one shot?  Yes!  Thanks to an amazing duo of trainers.  And, perhaps a fast shutter speed….

Kiera: One Year!

Little kids make us smile!  This little cutie brought smiles to our faces during and after the shoot.  Turning one is so much fun!  Here’s a few of our favorites…..

Sara: 2010 Senior

Sara…you were loads of fun!  Why?  Because you came with some important characteristics - joy, smiles, fun and originality.   We love it when we can photograph people just being people.  You did so and brought a nice level of energy to your senior shoot as well.  The best to you in the future.  We hope your ACT scores came back as high as we believe they should.  Blessings all the way…

The Feller Family

We sure enjoyed this shoot with the Feller family recently – great couple – great parents.  We enjoyed it so much that we just couldn’t help from posting a bunch of images from this session.  Yes, we get a little carried away sometimes, but that’s just the way we are and we can’t help it!  The star…..little Piper!  She was so amazing.  Let’s see…10 weeks and virtually no crying for the entire duration of the shoot.  Impressive!  The grandparents joined in for a few and they were looking good, too!  Here’s a few that really made us smile….