month: April 2010

Tiffany and Brandon: Engagement

We’ve probably stated this before, but we absolutely love engagement sessions.  It gives us a chance to hang with the couple and get to know them.  Tiffany and Brandon – the two of you were a blast!  It was fun watching the two of you interact with one another and get in a zone.  What an awesome April afternoon.  Here’s a glimpse of some of our favorites.  We look forward to your 2011 celebration in Montana!

Sofie: Age 3

We’ve been watching this little darling grow up since we first met her at age one!  What an angel.  We always have fun with Sofie (and so does Ellia!).  She’s full of life.  Here’s to another fun year Sofie!  And…some of our favorites from this year’s shoot….

Where does time go?!

Kasey and Dale: Engagement

Lots of life.  Lots of fun!  This couple let loose and really forgot there was a camera in front of them.  We like it when couples can do that…to be fully engaged into one another.  What a beautiful day outdoors.  We dodged the wind and found a nice cozy spot next to the river.  We look forward to their celebration soon!

Shelley and Scott: Wedding

We started our wedding season recently in Bismarck and had a great time.  We had awesome weather, fun people and an amazing bride and groom! 

Church: Calvary United Methodist
Reception: Radisson

We start with the beautiful dress inside a beautiful hotel suite….

Shelley was going to make this day fun!  She was laid back and enjoyed it all…

Lots of laughter that day!

Scott was patiently waiting the bride for some outdoor capital grounds shots!

Some outdoor fun on the state capital grounds…

Are they laid back or what?!

Did we mention fun with time to goof off?!

This is probably our favorite ring bearer shot – EVER!

There’s just something about this shot…

A few reception details:

Now…Shelley, what was going through your mind?! 

Life.  Lots of it! 

A first dance laugh!

It was a party!  Congratulations Shelley and Scott!  We had a great time.  Thank you for allowing us to capture your beautiful day!

Uh Oh!  The Huwe grandkids once again!

It’s amazing how they all just sat there while we took the pictures!  :)  (ya right!)

Alison and Jared: Engagement

Great couple!  We look forward to their 2011 celebration – it will be here quick!  Alison and Jared…you both rocked your engagement shoot!  You were both very fun to work with….and willing to hike a bit to find those “spots!”  Here’s a few for now…..

The Brown Family Video

As mentioned in our post from this morning, we have more pictures and video clips of this wonderful family we wanted to show you!  Here’s a little something extra….

The Brown Family

Well…there’s something special going on here.  Something beautiful.  Fun.  Loving.  Peaceful.  Awe yes…the Brown family.  We had been told that this family loves to have fun.  This family poured out inspiration, motivation and determination. 

A few weeks back, a dear friend of the Brown family contacted us and explained the story.  They shared how wonderful a friend Mrs. Brown is to them.  A woman of love, kindness and pure heart.  A joyful spirit who’s been a teacher, a mom and a wife.  Oh…and a friend to many. 

Nothing is going to stop Mrs. Brown from living her life and loving it each and everyday.  You see, the beautiful, smiley, cheerful gal wrapping her arms around her husband in the picture below, was recently diagnosed with liver cancer.  She’s strong.  She has a loving family and a support network of loved ones beyond imagination.   Join us in prayer for this wonderful mom, wife and friend. 

We are so blessed… fortunate to be able to share such wonderful moments with real people.  Is this work?  Certainly not. 

We love you Brown family….

Because we have so many images that we want to share with you, we’ll be posting a video later today:

Web Site Update!

We love keeping things fresh, updated, and modern.  We also believe in keeping things clean and easy!  So, we launched an update to our web site late last night.  Our new design is similar to the old site – most links remained the same – this one is just crisper and clearer!  We take great care in keeping things consistent with our brand – both on our web site and blog. 

Our wedding season kicks off tomorrow in Bismarck.  We’re excited and we look forward to sharing the images with you soon.  Happy Friday folks!

The Grey Family

Pure fun!  Pure joy!  The Grey family.  Lots of energy, too!  As always, we enjoyed our time and love watching people interact and forget about the camera.  Here’s a few that made us smile…..