month: November 2010

Rachel: 2011 Hazen Senior

After our first blizzard postponed our first attempt with Rachel, the next round was just perfect!  Patience does pay off for good North Dakota weather.  After a fun round of indoor studio shots, we hit the great outdoors.  Rachel, you were fantastic!  Thanks for being you and for trucking through a few steep hills to get the shots we needed.  Have a great senior year!

The Huwe Clan!

Once again the Huwe’s filled the studio…both with the kiddos and with fun! With this many faces posing isn’t an option, but it’s our goal to capture real life as it unfolds. So much fun, so much life — Huwe Clan, you’re one amazing unit and thanks again for bringing us a ton of smiles!

The Kraft Family

We once again had the joy of photographing this beautiful family. It’s hard to believe how fast kids grow up…with this family their baby already one year! The smiles were just as evident at this shoot as they were the last time we photographed them. As difficult as it was to choose, enjoy a few of our favorites below.

The Kokot Family

A beautiful morning and beautiful family – perfect reasoning to capture these folks on camera!  The Kokot’s were very fun to work with recently.  We loved their yard for the outdoor location and enjoyed the time in the studio as well.  And the little girl…what a cutie!  Here’s a few that really made us smile….

The Schell Family

Again this year we had the privilege of working with the Schell family. The star….Payton: 4 Years! The pictures below show just how amazing Payton and his family are. Enjoy a few of our favorites…

Makenzie and Jake: Engagement

After hanging with this couple recently during their engagement shoot, how in the world are we going to wait until 2012 to shoot their wedding?!  Ok…we must have things to look forward to!  Kenzie and Jake – the two of you were absolutely fabulous.  It was difficult to narrow them down for this post, but we managed somehow.  Thanks for being so real.  So fun.  So into each other!  We look forward to the big day.  It will arrive faster than you know!  Here’s a few for now….

The Ones Family

We had the honor of, once again, photographing the Ones family.  We truly enjoy watching these kids grow up and develop their own unique personalities.  Our one-year-old star this round – Brooks!  It seems like just yesterday we were in the studio with his baby shots.  Wow!  Big sister joined in for some fun along with mom and dad.  Here’s a few from the shoot….

Dillon: 2011 Berthold Senior

We grabbed a few quick shots in the studio with an awesome shirt and tie and then hit the great outdoors – with some great suggestions by Dillon himself!  The weather was perfect.  Here’s a few that caught our eye…

Calli and Paul: Engagement

We took a road trip to Bismarck for Calli and Paul’s engagement shoot and enjoyed the unique scene’s!  This awesome couple will be getting married in Bismarck this January and we look forward to the awesome celebration.  We started at the capital building on the 18th floor where Paul proposed to Calli (at the window which you’ll see with the 2nd picture).  Then, we went outside on the grounds for a few shots, headed downtown and finished at an observatory point.  Besides getting kicked out of a parking garage and barked at by a couple of big black labs, the shoot was a blast!  Calli and Paul…we cannot wait for the big day!  You  were both awesome.  Here’s a little peak at your shoot…..

Erika: 2011 Kenmare High School Senior

The first snow of the year – actually a BLIZZARD – proved to be worth it for this Kemare senior.  It was beautiful outside and the snow was sticking to trees.  Hmmmm…we’re thinking the Christmas spirit is about to kick in!  Erika….great job on your shoot.  Make it a great one.  Here’s a few that made us smile….