month: December 2010

Merry Christmas!

We’ve been counting down the days until Christmas for the past couple of weeks and here it is…already!  Where did time go by?  It seems like it was just Thanksgiving.  But, it’s here.  The celebration of the birth of our Lord!  We cannot thank you for making this past year out of this world!  It was truly an amazing experience.  We’ve enjoyed each and every shoot and meeting.  We have some really exciting things planned for 2011 and cannot wait to reveal each of them in the right timing. 

Merry Christmas from our home to yours….

Gary and Jan: 48 Years!

1 day until Christmas! 

What a special photo shoot…not only that these two amazing individuals have been ONE for 48 years, but more importantly they’re the Gemars (Jason’s parents!).  It was a special memory enjoying our half hour photo shoot in one of our favorite places…Glacier National Park. Thank you very much for enjoying the moment, relaxing and for providing a memory that will last forever. Merry Christmas from Gary and Jan!

Stan and Judy plus Fourteen!

1 day until Christmas!

What a crew!  My mother-in-law came up with an idea for her Christmas cards this year – everyone wear their Gemar Photography T-shirts!  So, we gathered up the crew, shot the picture and froze a moment in time!  Merry Christmas from Stan and Judy!

Eden: 2011 Tioga High School Senior

2 days until Christmas!

Excitement, individuality, and energy….three words to sum up the session with Eden! She was relaxed and ready to make her shoot a success and pictures to last a lifetime. We wish you a great remainder of your senior year Eden! A few of our favorites are below…happy shopping!

The Varty Family

3 days until Christmas!

Varty family…you guys were amazing! Indescribable how much we enjoyed our time with your three adorable girls, and your patience and effort made the shoot a success! You’ve been blessed already and we know it will continue as you watch your three girls grow. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to capture this moment in their lives!

Kacy: 2011 Minot High Senior

4 days until Christmas!

As we’ve mentioned before we love how unique each session is. Whether it’s a senior, family, or wedding day pictures…each is completely different and special. Well Kacy, you certainly were no exception and we loved it! The pictures below are a few of our favorites from your indoor portion and we look forward to completing the outdoor pictures soon!

Lindsay and Blake: Engagement

5 days until Christmas!

When we first began communicating with Lindsay, it was mostly over the phone since she lives in Columbus.  When we finally got to meet both of them, it was as though we had already met in person!  The interaction between this couple was pure love.  And, with this couple….it was open fun!  Congratulations you guys.  We look forward to the big day next summer.  Here’s a few from your shoot…..

Rikki and Sarah plus 5!

6 days until Christmas!

What a family!  Arranging this family of seven was a simple task thanks to great parents and great kids!  We had a great time with the group and the pictures certainly make us smile each time we look at them.  Merry Christmas guys.  Here’s a look at some of the highlights….

Ashley: 2011 MLS Senior

7 days until Christmas!

What can we say to sum up Ashley’s senior pictures?  Hmmmm…it’s hard to create one word, but we’ll go with spontaneous!  Yes….Ashley came on board with a mission – to have a great time!  Her family was with for the good time as well.  Ashley, thanks for bringing a new element of joy to a senior shoot.  You will be remembered forever!  Here’s a look at some of the fun……

The Crosby Family

8 days until Christmas!

With a first birthday comes the perfect reason for pictures and so it is for one year old Faith who was accompanied by her family. We once again enjoyed our time and even though we saw a few less giggles than we did at her six month shoot, there was a great deal of personality captured! What a beautiful little lady and handsome big brothers! Happy 1st Birthday Faith!