month: February 2011

Greg: 2011 Parshall Senior

Once again, the weather warmed up a bit for us recently which enabled us to finish Greg’s session!   You did a great job Greg!  Enjoy the rest of your senior year.  The best to your future.  Here’s a look at a few that caught our eye….

Kelsey: 2011 DLB Senior

Our winter senior shoots have been an absolute great time – even though the weather has postponed outdoor portions!  Eventually, the weather in ND warms up a bit for us to get a few of our shoots caught up – as with this one.  Kelsey, can we say…”Incredible!”  Yep – you were!  Thanks for coming on board ready to be you and blast the studio with your amazing personality.  Enjoy the rest of your busy senior year – the best to you always.

Thora: 2011 DLB Senior

Throughout the years in school each senior has made a ton of memories, and Thora is one who possibly has made more than most. She has enjoyed the 2010-2011 school year away from her home in Norway as an adventurous exchange student making memories many of us only dream of! We were honored to have the opportunity to capture Thora’s personality and add to her memories made here in the United States. Thora, you were relaxed and real throughout the session and we wish you only the best as you continue through your journey of life! A few of our favorites from the session are below…

Las Vegas: Senior Model Shoot

This past week I (Jason) had the great opportunity of attending a plus class leading up to the annual WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) conference held in Las Vegas. As always there is an abudance of information obtained and a ton of fun networking and communicating with others in the photography industry. This year’s conference had some 16,000 professional photographers registered…just to give you an idea of the size and influence of this conference on this industry…very influential! Kirk Voclain from Louisiana was the instructor whose class I selected to attend, and wow what an experience! Doing some research beforehand had given me a glimpse of his talent and he certainly did not disappoint. Below are some of the images I was able to grab during one of the afternoon model shoots we had as part of this class. So now, it’s back to business here and time to apply some of what I learned!

The Lewis Family

There’s nothing better than a smiley 6-month old to brighten up the studio…and big brother, mom and dad  made the shoot that much more fun! The temperature gave us a great opportunity to grab a few outdoor shots even though the snow had lightly started to fall. Here’s a few that caught our eye…

Travis, Beth, Emily and Wylie!

This group of four came ready for a great time! Lots of smiles, lots of laughter and lots of fun! Below are a few of our favorites…

Grandparents Plus Grandkids!

What a crew!  Grandparents plus grandkids in one scene?  One shot?!  Sure!  They wanted fun pictures and they achieved that on their own.  Once again, we just never know what we’re going to get with family shoots!  Each one surprises us in its own special way.  Great time, lots of laughter and tons of fun!  Here’s a glimpse of the session….

McKenzie: 2011 MLS senior

Winter shoots really bring a unique and beautiful look.  When the weather warms into the 30′s, we’re good to go!  McKenzie, you were incredible both indoor and outside.  Here’s a few of our favorites….

Kasandra and Brett: Engagement

It was meant to be…not only that this great couple spend their future together, but that we have the amazing privilege of capturing their day! Kasandra was the lucky bride to win the Gemar Photography certificate at the recent Fiancee Bridal Show, and we’re so thrilled to be working with them!  It will be great re-visiting Tioga for a wedding celebration and this one is sure to be one to remember.  The two of you were incredible and the weather outside allowed for additional fun.  Here’s a look at few that caught our eye….

Kaylee and Clinton: Engagement

What a couple – a great time!  The weather cooperated with us for the outdoor portion (in the 30′s in January?!).   We cannot wait for the big day and look forward to capturing the moments as they unfold.  Kaylee and Clinton….the two of you were perfect.  Here’s a look at a few from the shoot…