month: March 2011

Minot High Prom: Kasey and Friends!

The colors of prom…something we enjoyed through the afternoon!  Kasey stopped by with her prom date, Trevor, and a few friends joined them for the shoot.  We didn’t make it outside for this one, but the indoor portion certainly sparked enough light and fun on its own.  Kasey – you and your friends looked incredible!  Here’s a few that certainly made us smile…










Minot High Prom: Jessica and David

Where do the months go, or should we ask years? Three years…nearly their entire high school career these two have been together. And how appropriate when you’re dressed to the TOP to take time for a session filled with laughter, fun and a ton of memories never to be erased! Thank you for giving us the privilege of working with you again and we wish you the best as you conclude your senior year and begin your next adventure.

Minot High Prom: Jenna and Tyler

Tyler and Jenna have been dating for six months and planning for their senior prom was an exciting time full of details. Included in that planning was the desire to have a full photo session devoted to capturing memories of this moment they’ll never again duplicate. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to spend time both in studio and outdoor, allowing them to make the memories! We wish the two of you the best and hope you enjoyed your senior prom.

Vincent: Belcourt 2011 Senior

We love working with seniors from different towns around the state.  Vincent was very fun and certainly 100% himself during the shoot.  We went out and battled the cold at the end of the shoot and came away with great photos thanks to Vincent.  You’re nearly done!  Happy early graduation…

Kelsea and Drew: Engagement

When we look through the lens, we see more than just two people.  We see passion.  We see love.  We see commitment.  Oh, and so much more….  Then, as the picture is taken, that very moment of passion, love and every other emotion is frozen in time – f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  We cannot wait for the celebration of Kelsea and Drew this September.  It’s going to be a bright future – a bright day.  Here’s a few images from their engagement shoot….

Fargo Flyers: Chase Bischof #7

The Fargo Flyers were in Minot last weekend for the A1 state tournament.  An article in the Minot Daily News, after their semi-final win over the Minot Marauders, had this to say….”Fargo’s Chase Bischof put on a hockey clinic most of the day, scoring four goals and adding one assist to lead the Flyers.”  Why so much talk about the Fargo Flyers?  It just so happens that Chase Bischof is our nephew!  We were honored to capture some of the action from a couple of the games. 

Let’s meet Chase……

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Cody: 2011 Minot High Senior

We really enjoyed working with Cody.  The weather is warming creating nice outdoor experiences once again.  The best to you in the future, Cody!  Here’s a few that caught our eye.

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Riley: Turning 5!

How can we properly describe our experience with Riley?!  The pictures will tell the story in full, but let us explain one thing….the boy was just awesome!  As always, we never know what we’re going to get with kids and that’s why we love it – surprises!  Oh, to have that kind of energy!  Here’s a few from the shoot.

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The Knudson Family

There’s nothing like a couple of young kids acting out some fun with mom and dad!  The Knudson family sure knows how to have fun even in a studio.  We enjoyed capturing this family piece by piece.  Here’s a few shots that made us laugh and smile……

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