month: May 2011

Alisha and Dusty: Engagement

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope you’re enjoying your weekend as much as we are…

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this holiday than featuring a very fine couple!  Alisha and Dusty will be getting married this August and we look forward to their special day.  We had a great time with them recently and based on their ability to relax in front of the camera, we know the big day will bring many, many awesome memories as well!  Here’s a few from the shoot…













The Mills Girls

“Girls just want to have fun…”  So true!  This crew not only had a good time, but also took some amazing pictures – thanks to their ability to relax and be themselves.  Another thank you for hiking around the outdoors for a few shots and keeping those smiles active in the process.  You were all so great to work with.  Here’s a look at a few of our favorites….












The Vix Family

We’re proud to welcome the new addition to the Vix family – Hayden Ryan!  And…we always rejoice in sharing new images of Ashlyn who is already proving to be one mighty and amazing big sister!  You’ll see why at the end of this post.  We’re so happy for these dear friends of ours.  Hayden is one amazing little guy and we look forward to seeing him grow.  Tanner and Stacey - congratulations once again!  Here’s some of our favorites….







A little side note on this series of Ashlyn:  When asked, what is your favorite color?  She responded, “blue, pink and purple!”  So, we couldn’t photograph her with just one favorite background.  We added our favorite color – white – into the spread as well.






Ok..maybe this one!

Jaden, Avah and Adalyn

Incredible kids – incredible baby!  Everything went so smoothly and of course…it was a good time.  It’s so easy to stare at a newborn baby that’s content and sleeping!  Great kids Jessica (mom)!  Even though it was rainy outside, the smiles brought plenty of sunshine inside the studio.  Here’s a look a some of our favorites….







Ambush Kennels: Golden Retriever Love!

There’s just something about golden retriever puppies!  Ambush Kennels brought batch 1 of 2 over recently for pictures at the 5-week mark.  Hmmm…perhaps we’ll snag one from the second batch?  We’re thinking so!  Here’s a few from the wild, but fun, shoot.



Individual glamour shots….





Clayton and Carolyn: 50 Years!

We love photographing people of all ages.  And…this couple certainly brings inspiration our way.  Wow!  50 years together.  Congratulations Clayton and Carolyn!  It was so nice visiting with you both.  The best to you always…

The Mighty Mouse: Crest 20.5 feet in Minot

We decided to drive around town last evening with a goal to see the high waters around Minot and capture a few photographs.  Nothing could’ve prepared us for what was really happening with the Souris River!  Until you drive right up to it, it’s hard to really understand just how high it really is.  The evening colors were just beautiful in between thunderstorms.   We just couldn’t resist sharing a few from our drive. 

The bridge near the Water Treatment Plant:


Water Treatment Plant looking away from bridge:


These were taken from our camera phone (sorry for the quality) over the past few days showing the disappearing picnic table (Water Treatment Plant):

Souris River Golf course hole #4. 


Same image as above just pulled back:


Souris River Golf Course on north side:


Souris River Golf Course:


Bridge near Oak park:


Same bridge near Oak Park.  We can see why the Police Department doesn’t want people in the water kayaking!


An area near the college:


Again, near the college:


The bridge east of Sammy’s Pizza:


A few small leaks in the dikes:


The bridge near Roosevelt Park:



The zoo bridge:

An Afternoon of Fun!

Upon arriving back from Las Vegas yesterday morning, we jumped in the vehicle and cruised over to Grand Forks for a little overnight get-away.  Yesterday afternoon, we had our family pictures taken by the very talented Photography by Megan!   We enjoyed the afternoon and were happy to see a “sneak peek” of one of the shots from yesterday.  Thank you Megan for a great shoot.  We look forward to the rest!


Finally, after more than three years of templates, we have a web site that represents us the right way.  We’ve longed for a site that was unique to our brand, and thanks to the very talented Michael Thompson with Myntd (out of California), our vision is now a reality!  The new site features our latest work in a variety of portfolios that are easily accessible, a featured link showcasing specific shoots when we want to share more images than what you see from a blog post, a preview showing the latest from our blog and much more! 

We love what we do and feel so blessed with the clients that we get to work with each week.  It’s only because of LOVE that Gemar Photography exists!  Feel free to click the image below to be taken over to our new site.

The Ottmar Family

We first had the joy of capturing Aaron and Shantel’s wedding day back in September of 2008.  It’s so neat to see a couple grow into a family and here we are…already – photographing their one-year-old boy!  The shoot was filled with fun moments indoor and outdoor.  Shantel and Aaron…it was great seeing you both again – this time with an addition!  Here’s a look at a few of our favorites…