month: February 2012

Erin and Brock: Portrait

We sure enjoyed our recent shoot with Erin and Brock.  This couple really knew how to relax and have fun for their shoot.  Thank you for making the time with you enjoyable and comfortable.  Here’s a look at this awesome couple!

Ellie: 9 Months!

We enjoyed photographing this cute little girl at six months! Time goes so fast and here we are….at nine months – growing stronger and cuter than ever!  Thank you Ellie for providing lots of smiles and laughs during your shoot.  And, another thank you for two amazing parents.  Here’s a look at some highlights….

Raiden Plus Grandma and Grandpa!

What can we say about this session!?  TONS of laughter, smiles and fun!  Raiden….boy oh boy did he have a fun time.  We loved capturing all the emotion and smile each time we look at the images.  Grandma and grandpa did pretty good, too.  Here’s a few from the shoot….

The Pearson Family!

We had so much fun photographing this family – and just one day before they were heading to Disney World!  So, it was very easy to get everyone smiling with the fun trip right around the corner.  We always enjoy the natural expressions mixed with the smiles, silly laughs and everything in between.  Here’s a look at our favorites….



Class of 2012
Killdeer High School
Home of the Cowboys

You did awesome!  Thanks for hanging on till the end.  Enjoy the rest of your senior year….

The Notbohm Family

We truly enjoyed working with this family!  Lots of expressions and a great deal of fun made for an entertaining session.  We started in side and hit the amazing mild outdoors to finish off the shoot.  Here’s a few that certainly caught our eye….

Gavin: 9 Months!

This little guy will bring smiles to your face all the way through the post!  Nine months already?  These kids grow up way too fast.  Big brother joined in for a little fun, too.  Great job kids!  Here’s a look at a few of our favorites…


Class of 2012
Minot High School
Home of the Magicians

Great job Kyle!  We enjoyed working with you on a great day.  Have a great rest of the year….

Carson: Turning One!

This little guy brought smiles and fun through the entire shoot!  It was a real treat working with this family and certainly found ourselves smiling all over again as we went through the images after it was complete.  We’ll let the photos speak for themselves.  Here’s a look at a few we narrowed down for this post.  Thank you Nygaard family!

The Keller Family!

So many smiles!  That’s really the overall theme from this session.  We loved every bit of it.  Thank you Keller family for a great time and for allowing us to freeze those memories for you!  Here’s a look at a few that caught our eye.