month: November 2012

The Peterson Family!

It was great working with this amazing family.  We had some nice, low, sunset sun before moving into the studio to finish off the fun!  Dylan – you stole the show buddy!  Here’s a look at a bunch of our favorites….

The Wald Family!

What an awesome couple – it’s that easy!  Photographing Lindsey at just over 30 weeks pregnant made us realize just how special these types of shoots can really be.  It was a beautiful day with fresh snow from a recent storm – and an incredible couple.  Oh..and, the dog did awesome, too.  Congratulations Jordan and Lindsey ahead of the birth of your baby.  We cannot wait to hear about the new addition.  Blessings on starting your family.


The graduating class of 2013
Bottineau High School
Home of the Braves

Kevin and Jana: Engagement

We love it when couples have an idea for their pictures that’s unique to them and Kevin and Jana certainly did not disappoint with their vision! Even with the chilly wind we had a great time out in Makoti and finishing the session back in the studio. We’re sure looking forward to their special day in March of next year! So many favorites, but a few are below…


The graduation class of 2013
Parshall High School
Home of the Braves

Hostfest 2012

This year’s Hostfest was an amazing celebration as always.  We are so overdue on getting these highlights out, but at least this way we can go back in time through the photographs as if it just happened yesterday.  Be sure to visit and check out all the details regarding this great event.  We can only hope that the photos will spark a level of interest for those of you who haven’t had a chance to get to this event and provide lots of smiles for those who attended and can recognize some of what you see.  See you next year!

The Negron Family!

Fun! Yep – you can round our time with the Negron family up as loads of fun! We sure have enjoyed our portrait sessions lately – lots of amazing spirit. Once again, it was hard to narrow down the images for this post. Here’s a look at the Negron family….

The Rice Family!

We love this family! It amazes us each year how well they do – every kid including mom and dad! It was a perfect day and an awesome set of moments. Here’s a look at the awesome Rice family!

The Schenfisch Family

Well…we try to keep our blog posts to an average of 15 or so images. Lately, it’s just been too difficult to narrow them down so we just post more! We had a great time with this crew! Here’s a look at a few that caught our eye….

The Alexander Family!

We had a great time with this family once again this year! was a bit warmer for the outdoor portion this round, too. So many great smiles and expressions – together it made an awesome session. Here’s a look at some of our favorites. Thank you Alexander family once again!