month: February 2013

Seniors Before and After: Studio Lighting Effects

We love lighting effects!  We’re excited to learn more techniques in a couple of weeks at a photography conference in Las Vegas to implement with our seniors this summer.  The way a subject is lit in the studio can really change the story of a photograph!  When we’re going for a unique and dramatic look, we’ll use these lighting methods and have really loved the results.  As always, the before and after image.  The after image shows our post processing (skin softening, contrast boost, increased saturation, blemish removal and a few other tweaks).  Call and book your senior appointment today!  Sessions are filling up fast.  701.838.7085.

Mason (and brother!)

We photographed young Mason for an exciting adventure he’s preparing for in the near future.  And, what a natural!  His younger brother, Marcus, joined in for a few as well.  Way to go guys!  Here’s a look at a few that caught our eye…

The Barta Family!

Oh we had fun in the studio with these guys!  The pictures should certainly tell the story of how it went.  So much fun – lots of activity and plenty of expressions.  Time to meet the Barta family!  Here’s a look at a few favorites…

Jeremy and Jen

Wedding Date: February 16, 2013
Minot, North Dakota

Ceremony: First Presbyterian
Reception: Sleep Inn
Decor: Maria and Julie
Flowers: Flowers Central
Bridal Attire: Allure Bridals
DJ: Up All Night
Cakes: Bella Catering and Cakes

Congratulations!  This was such a beautiful wedding, and we’re so glad you allowed us to capture it!

Dereck and Amy: Engagement

We love those “out of the norm” shoots!  This time – two people sharing the same interest – snowboarding!  Dereck and Amy were amazing and the weather allowed for us to get outside and not freeze.  We look forward to their upcoming wedding this spring.  Here’s a look at a few of our favorites….

Jeremy and Jen: Sneak Peek!

Here’s a couple of sneak peeks from last Saturday’s wedding.  They chose not to see each other before the ceremony, but decided to hide behind a pillar before the wedding to exchange letters.  We cannot wait to show many more soon!

Seniors Before and After: Off-Camera Lighting

When we want to create a more dramatic lighting scene, we use an off-camera light to get the correct exposure on the subject while maintaining the beautiful natural exposure of the sky.  Without an off-camera light, the sky is blown out (and looks white) since the exposure is on the subject.  We’ll use this technique often when we see those big, puffy clouds in the sky.  However, clear blue sky works well, too!  And, with the basketball shot in the MSU dome, we used two lights – one to light the hoop and one to light the subject.  This outdoor lighting technique (and sometimes indoor large venues) has become more and more popular across the world over the past few years and we plan to use this method much more this summer with our senior shoots.  There are so many combinations to make this look exciting, and we’re pumped to bring a powerful and dramatic look to the scene as we incorporate it different ways!  You will see a before image (straight out of the camera) and the after image that has been post processed with enhanced color saturation, exposure, skin softening, sharpening and a few other pops.

Today’s The Day!  Jeremy and Jen

Nick and Lindsay: Engagement

We were so happy the weather was warm enough to get outside quickly during their engagement pictures.  What an awesome couple – so easy to photograph and a blast of fun for sure!  We’re looking forward to their outdoor wedding this fall – it’s going to be beautiful.  Nick and Lindsay – you made it very hard to narrow down for this blog post.  Your full gallery will be up in a day or two!  Here’s a few of our favorites for now….

Seniors Before and After: Outdoor Back Lighting

We love the sun and what it can do to enhance the image and make it glow!  Back lighting the subject outdoors is has become a staple of our brand.  You just cannot beat a beam of natural light.  You will see before and after images of a few samples below showing what the shot looked like straight out of the camera and also the after image showing what the client would get in their online gallery and/or proofbook/book.  In the after image, you will notice deep saturation and contrast, softening and a few other post processing techniques to achieve the final result.  2014 seniors – book your session now!  Only 2 spots left in July and August.  We do have additional June, September and October availability.  701.838.7085.  See you soon!