month: April 2013

Last Day of School and Circus!

Well, we didn’t remember to take a picture of Paxton’s first day of pre-school so we did it on the last day (this morning!).  And, while he was planting a tomato plant with grandpa and grandma (as school), Ellia went to her first circus.  She even rode the elephant.  The little girl next to her looked a little terrified!

The Kovach Family (and more)!

As we mentioned on our Facebook sneak peek a few days ago, boys will be boys!  These little guys were a hoot!  What you see is exactly who they truly are – for sure!  Congratulations on the newborn.  What a handsome little one.  Thank you for allowing us to capture these moments.  We enjoyed it very much!  Here’s a few that really caught our eye…..

Divide County Prom 2013!

We had a great time last Saturday photographing the Divide County Prom in Crosby!  Here’s a look at a few of our favorites…

Divide County Prom: Sneak Peeks!

We had a great time in Crosby this past weekend photographing their prom. Here’s a few peeks! More coming soon…

Casey and Chandra: Engagement

Awe yes…good times!  We really enjoyed the time with this couple and look forward to their big celebration this August.  It’s sure to be one to remember!  Here’s a look at a few favorites…

Abel: 6 Months!

This little guy smiled the entire shoot!  Yep, and when it was said and done…we’re pretty sure he was ready to take more!  Nothing like ending happy.  We love photographing this age!  Here’s a look at some of our favorites of Abel….

Daniel and Rachel: Engagement

This spring has given us some pretty snowy conditions.  Fortunately, for some amazing clients, it has proven to bring some beautiful looking outdoor backgrounds.  We look forward to Dan and Rachel’s big day this November. We had a great time during the shoot and look forward to the bid day as well!  Here’s a look at a few of our favorites….

Kaden and Amy: Engagement

What an amazing couple!  We enjoyed this engagement session so much, and we’re certainly looking forward to their upcoming celebration next month.  Let’s meet this awesome couple inside and out….

Tyler and Alonna: Wedding Day Sneak Peek!

More images coming soon….


The graduating class of 2013
TMC High School
Home of the  Braves