month: June 2013

Courtney!  Class of 2014

Brandon and Kaleigh: Engagement

Carnival Time!

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated an amazing guy who adopted two amazing kids!  We had lots of fun hosting a photo booth during the event.  Here’s a look at those who decided to dress up and get goofy! Congratulations Byron!

And…the family we were celebrating!  (taken this past winter).  Again, congratulations on the adoption of two amazing kids….

It’s Summer Season!

A few previews….(we’re trying to blog previews as often as possible).  If you don’t see them here, visit our Facebook page!

Courtney!  Class of 2014

Justin and Liz: Wedding Preview

More to come soon….

The Ferguson Family!

Abe!  Turning one!

Joe and Ann: Wedding Preview

Vintage Circus – the theme from today’s wedding.  What an amazing day – the couple, the friends, the family – everything!  The evening ended with some awesome entertainment!  More to share soon….

The Johnson Family!