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Birthday Party for Ellia!  (7 years!)

Ellia had a gingerbread party this afternoon.  It’s hard to believe she’s already seven.  The girls had a good time!

Happy Independence Day Eve!

Ellia and Paxton enjoyed fun in the sun this afternoon!

Hawaii Fun!

Thank you, Jason McKibben, for creating this awesome video!

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Hawaii 2014 Teaser from Annie McKibben on Vimeo.

Our “little” model!

Our daughter loves posing for the camera especially when we have new backdrops, props or lighting to test out.  We’re always striving to offer the latest and greatest and we’re pumped about some new backgrounds and floors for this year’s shoots (especially our senior sessions).  Here’s one of those new solid colors!  Most importantly, we cannot wait to continue to capture those “moments!”

And, we have some new on-location lighting we’re excited about, too!  Cannot wait to use this to capture those “real moments” especially on wedding shoots!

Last Day of School and Circus!

Well, we didn’t remember to take a picture of Paxton’s first day of pre-school so we did it on the last day (this morning!).  And, while he was planting a tomato plant with grandpa and grandma (as school), Ellia went to her first circus.  She even rode the elephant.  The little girl next to her looked a little terrified!

Easter Egg Fun!

It’s Easter weekend and this year we attempted something with our boy that we haven’t done in the past – and most certainly not since he’s only two this year!  We knew we were in for quite the treat.  We just didn’t know it would create as much excitement for Paxton as it did!  Ellia was calm and soaking up every moment – literally!  So, as we rejoice in our risen Savior this weekend, here’s also a few moments of traditional fun!

Glacier: Summer of 2012

Yes…we are terribly late with posting a few pictures of our trip from this past summer.  Better late than never perhaps?  As always, we had a great deal of fun.  Instead of water rafting, I (Jason) decided to climb down a steep hill (so steep they wanted me to sign a release form in case of an accident!) to grab some shots of some of our family having fun doing so.  And, we always make time for family pics.  Congratulations mom and dad – it was fun celebrating your 50 year anniversary!

Studio Time!  (Ellia 3 and Paxton 1)

Ok…we finally grabbed a quick couple of minutes the other night to photograph our own kids – something we neglect to do far too often.  One thing for sure, we laughed!  (and laughed).   At times, we shake our heads in disbelief that these two belong to us.  We’re so blessed!  Here’s some of the entertainment that went down that evening…

Paxton: Bzzzzzzz…!

So, we had Paxton’s 2nd haircut scheduled this upcoming week and we thought….let’s just buzz it!  And, we did!  We have a few strays to clean-up, but we knocked it out pretty quickly.  You’re looking pretty handsome little buddy! 

Youth Group Ski Trip

It was a Friday night of fun, devotion and sleep (not much sleep!).  And, a full day of Saturday skiing and tubing with some of the youth at our church.  What a blast!

Click on the video below to recap the pictures above and see additional shots from the fun day!