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Carly!  2015 High School Senior

Ellia 9 Months: Snapshots

We thought it would be good to post a couple shots of our daughter who is growing up way too fast!  “Thank you Grandma for knitting me my rocking horse outfit!”  -Ellia

Six Grandkids Under Age 2!

What do you get when you put six grandkids under the age of two together for a shot and include the parents and grandma and grandpa?  A load of fun, a lot of laughs, a bunch of tears and shots that will be remembered forever!  Ahhh yes….Eve asked us to grab a shot before their oldest grandaughter turned two – today!  So, happy birthday Evaley!  The steak dinner was amazing afterward…..

Eliab: Snapshots

A few weeks ago on our roadtrip, we made a stop in Valley City to see Amy’s cousin and the new addition to the family. It was a relaxing time and we enjoyed our fellowship – not to mention a chance to finally see little Eliab. We snapped a few shots around the house.  Jen, sorry it took a bit long to get some shots posted.  What a cute little boy…

Briggs McKibben: Snapshots

We recently welcomed a new addition to our family – Briggs McKibben on May 28th at 11:39 p.m.  We stopped by the hospital and grabbed a couple of snaps and then took big sister Jayva to the park to give mom and dad a chance to have their wonderful steak dinner!  Jayva was a great little girl for us and clapped to the sounds of some fun music playing in the car.  Jason and Annie…CONGRATS on Briggs!  Can’t wait to do a formal studio session of him!

Burkley: Snapshot

So, we start the weekend with a shot of Burkley giving us her “oh, I’m so sad and neglected” look!  She really knows how to work us.  It worked…pretty sure she got a treat once we got upstairs!

Coming soon; more family and children posts!  And…yes, more Ellia shots at 5 months (especially for you, Paula!).

Ellia 4-1/2 months: Snapshot

We’re going to start a new category called “snapshots” as a way of keeping everyone up to date with personal pictures and events going on in our lives.  Why?  Well…because we get emails requesting it!  So, to kick off a new category, here’s one of Ellia playing in her new jumper!