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Family Highlights!

Christmas is nearly here!  We thought this would be perfect timing to highlight some of our family shoots from this past year.  Thank you for making amazing memories.  It’s been a great year! We are so blessed….

Lang Wedding: Looking Back (video)

Let’s see…who can we look back on today…

The Lang wedding!

Ashley and Travis: Looking Back (video)

Kasey and Dale: Looking Back (video)

The Brown Family Video

As mentioned in our post from this morning, we have more pictures and video clips of this wonderful family we wanted to show you!  Here’s a little something extra….

Shauna and Mike: Looking Back (video)

Our New Year’s Eve wedding was a great deal of fun! Congratulations Shauna and Mike….

Looking Back: Alyssa and Chantz (video)

We always love to go back in time with our weddings. This round…New Year’s Day. Congratulations Alyssa and Chantz!

Looking Back: Videos (engagement and wedding)

Happy Monday!  We have a few videos to share with you today. We’ll be sharing images from our New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day weddings soon. And, an awesome Day After session with two amazing people….

Looking Back (videos)

We have a few more wedding videos we would like to share with you from this fall.  Congratulations to Carrie and Chans as well as Clarissa and Michael.

Carrie and Patrick: Looking Back (video)

Let’s take a look back to this wonderful celebration of Carrie and Patrick.